Hi, everyone,

I’m sad to say that I’ve decided to discontinue posting poems on my blog; here’s why: I just, within the last few days, realized that I want to be a published poet, to have my poems in literary journals and poetry journals, even to have a collection of my poetry published. Unfortunately, these journals won’t take poems published anywhere else, even on the internet, even just on a blog. And apparently if you take down your poems, the search engines keep archives, so your poems can still show up. So I won’t be posting any more poems online as I write new poems and try to get them published. I’ll be using an interesting online company called Writers Relief that will do submissions for me, targeting magazines most likely to accept my style of poetry, so we’ll see. But first I have to write a dozen or so new poems.

I’m excited about what will be a new venture for me, but sad because I have so enjoyed getting to know you wonderful poets and writers on WordPress, especially through exchanging comments on our writing. I’ll still be around and will check out your blogs, especially my favorites (you know who you are), time permitting. Thanks for all of your support, kind words, and encouragement.